Wednesday, November 21, 2007

MP3 Door Bell

So I was thinking about building a door bell with an mp3 player and by coincidence found this:

Now the question to all of you is: if you could have any sounds as your door bell sound, what would it be?

Please post your answer in the comments!




Kirsten said...

I was thinking about this as I cleaned up this morning, and I think a cow mooing. That sounds silly but I think it would make me smile every time the doorbell went off and make me giggle. I mean really we don't get that many door bell rings in Bon Accord so it wouldn't have a chance to get annoying.

Dale said...

The one at the Squirrl's Lair barks!

Ruzter said...

What is the Squirrl's Lair? your house? Do you have a doorbell that barks?

Tina said...

The squirrel's lair is home, and the door bell barks. Can't take credit, it wa a Princess Auto special wireless chime.
I can relate to Kirste, the bark makes me smile every time, too.
Make sure you get a decent enough speaker - though a tiny tinny cow hidden somewhere could increase on the element of humour. :-)

Ruzter said...

My Mom said:

1. a MEADOW LARK SONG because I really like it and it can be heard or quite a distance
2. a recording of Leghorn Foghorn saying, " Ah say, boy, Ah say, I think someone's at that thar door. Listen to me, boy, Ah'm not talking just to hear my head roar."
3 The whistle of a steam train.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it should be someone's voice yelling "run and hide kids" or "who would that be at this time of the day" or "not you again. where' my rifle.". It would get the door to door solicitors and potential robbers confused/scared.


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