Monday, September 03, 2007

The Sweet Smell of Pavement

Kirsten and I almost fell over with surprize when we got home from our trip to Vernon. They repaved our street while we were gone! For those of you that have visited us, you will know how rough it was before. There was a notice on our door telling us that we would not have car access to our house for 3 days while they paved. What a good time for us to go away, though Jack would have loved to watch it! As Kirsten put it, "Good thing we didn't leave our other car on the street!"

Gotta love pleasant surprises
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Anonymous said...

That happened to us except it was our driveway and we had to stay off it a lot longer. Luckly we had taken both vehicles with us that weekend.
Happen to see your kids will have a smooth road to learn to ride their bikes on!